Burkett's Deli

The Burketts are........

Charlie & Wendy have been married for almost 20 years and have grown and lived in the local area their whole lives. 

They have 4 children - Jerika, Nathanael, Elijah and Simon and Son In Law, Blake

Wendy grew up in the Huyetts area, located between Hagerstown and Clear Spring.  Her parents are Gene and Judy Wintermoyer, who also grew up in the area.

Charles grew up in the Boonsboro area, residing at San Mar Children's Home with his brother and two sisters. 

The Burketts own a cleaning business, Servtec Inc., that has been in operation for more than 20 years.  Servtec still serves many businesses throughout the tri-state area.

Charles:   "I always wanted to do something that involved food, but I just never had the opportunity.  From a very young age I remember enjoying going into the kitchen at San Mar and stirring up something, usually a mess that upset the cook, but none the less, I enjoyed it."  

Many of the recipes used at the Deli are ones that have been created by Charles and Wendy or have been obtained through family and friends. 

The whole family was involved in the start up of Burkett's Deli in some way, whether cleaning tile, babysitting, painting, or cleaning up the remodeling mess! 

Now that the Deli is open, Charlie and Wendy can be found in the Deli most days.   Usually at least one of their children help throughout the week in some capacity. 

Stop in and say "Hello" and try our Home-Style cooking.  We are sure once you've tried it, you'll be back!